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*Paris My Heart* by L. A. Cherbourg

Mega-Hit Due Out Spring 2018. U.S. author L. A. Cherbourg is a citizen of the world, an author and poet who has lived in both Europe and North America much of his life. He wrote this passionate, youthful story at age 27. It's the story of a young poet and his angel, both Parisians. The young poet Marcel is handsome, visionary, and devoted to his art. Along comes a beautiful, classy, wealthy young faculty wife and former model named Emma, 30. She's on the verge of being dumped by her husband, who has been gone for too many years in Australia hunting for paleo bones and younger women. Emma becomes his angel and his muse. Together, they make music. But can it last? Read the novel, which is by turns enchanting, joyous, melancholy, sad, uplifting, true to life—in short, as the French say, c'est la vie. It's a Parisian story, but a tale as well of universal truths. For release in Spring 2018. More info soon.

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