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Today's Featured Book: Luxembourg Thriller

Valley of Seven Castles. Click on the cover at right to visit the store page on this site for my Luxembourg thriller (world's first Progressive Thriller).

Either Go Directly To Amazon: Valley of Seven Castles: A Luxembourg Thriller (Progressive Thriller Series) by Jean-Thomas Cullen writing as John T. Cullen.

Shop Page Or Visit this novel's Shop page for more info.

Dedicated Website. Or Visit this novel's Luxembourg Thriller website for a lot of thrilling info. Among other things: a Thrillerology recounting this novel's structural origins in John Buchan's 1915 classic The Thirty-Nine Steps and Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 movie based on that (The 39 Steps). Most remarkably, learn of my discovery: Alfred Hitchcock's Final Secret.

All My Works Visit my extensive personal bookshop at Café Okay for information on all of my books (fiction, nonfiction, shorter works including nonfiction articles and short story anthologies). In all, I have written and published over forty books in many categories. I'm just beginning to develop a body of work under my birth name Jean-Thomas Cullen. As John T. Cullen (my U.S. name), I write primarily nonfiction plus thrillers. As John T. Cullen, I am an Active Member of International Thriller Writers (ITW), and Clocktower Books is a recognized ITW publisher. As John Argo, I tend to write Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, and some genre suspense. It's all a work in progress, so let's have fun and roll with the grand game.

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Special Website for Luxembourg Thriller - exciting start in Paris, the hero and heroine on the run to Luxembourg for a finale worthy of The Bourne Identity