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About My Paris Bookshop

Open since November 2017—My Paris Bookshop. I'm starting with books and magazines, but I plan to expand to a modest but compelling selection of uniquely Parisian, French, and European things to browse, love, and buy. Not to be confused with the novel by Nina George (The Little Paris Bookshop) which will be featured here as one of many wonderful stories about Paris.

Soon, I hope to have a rich selection here of fiction and nonfiction, including enjoyable novels as well as travel books and some of those gorgeous photo books. Maybe I'll even find some videos and music to transport your Paris dreams closer to reality.

Link Types. For each title, I will offer typically only one link at Amazon. That will usually be the physical (print) book listed at Amazon; if there is an e-book, that link will appear at the Amazon site, along with audio books, movies if any, and other options.

Navigation. The Author list will contain the names of authors of both fiction and nonfiction. However, titles will be broken up between the Novels list and the Nonfiction list(s).

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New Release: Claire de Lune is a ghost story by André A. L'Aube, a dark journey to the shining secret of Leonardo's Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre. Click here for the novel. Clicking on the cover below will take you to the Paris Bookshop page for this novel.

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