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Exciting New Shop: All Things Paris, France, Europe

We're Just Getting Started—Much More To Come

Opening Now: My Paris Bookshop. I'm starting with books and magazines, but I plan to expand to a modest but compelling selection of uniquely Parisian, French, and European things to browse, love, and buy. Not to be confused with the novel by Nina George (The Little Paris Bookshop) which will be featured here as one of many wonderful stories about Paris. Soon, I hope to have a rich selection here of fiction and nonfiction, including enjoyable novels as well as travel books and some of those gorgeous photo books. Maybe I'll even find some videos and music to transport your Paris dreams closer to reality.

Holiday Stuff.
Click on one of these two images to visit my Holidays page. As I build this bookshop, I'll post whatever I find in the way of holiday-related stories on that page for you.

Nice to See You. Thanks for your interest and patience—we'll talk more soon. Adieu until then. I'm your host, Jean-Thomas Cullen.

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Note: You may have noticed the difference between the flag in the image with the pretty woman at right, and the flag immediately above. The young woman is walking past a French flag flying in Paris. The flags shown just above here are (from left to right) of Luxembourg, the European Union, and the United States—my nationalities as a 21st Century citizen of the world.

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My Paris Bookshop - books and all things romantic Paris for you to browse and love (and buy if you wish)